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125 000 €

area sqm floor(s) rooms optimal number of occupants price
30 /6 0 125 000 €

Threshing barn or "Small Paris" as still it is accepted to call it. This title, of course, informal, but under such name Riga in the hearts of million people living in the territory of the former Soviet Union imprinted. However, is at it and quite official regalia – Riga is recognized as one of the most beautiful European capitals and entered by UNESCO in the list of the World cultural heritage. There is no need to transfer all material and spiritual treasures which are stored by this surprising city which has exchanged the ninth century.

Country: Latvia City: Rīga District: city center Address: 3 Elizabetes Street Project: -

150 000 €

Marijas str.1

Office for sale in Rīga, Marijas str.1. The total area is 82 sqm, 3/5 floor. All municipal communications. The entire infrastructure. Price 150000 eur.

150 000 €

Kungu str.25

Apartments for sale in Old Rīga, Kungu str.25, in the new multi-apartment residential compound "Rīdzenes Rezidence". There are 72 apartments, their living areas ranging from 70 sqm to 250 sqm, with a "white" finish. All municipal communications. Prices...